Etikette Candles

Revolutionising Email Marketing for Etikette Candles with Klaviyo

Problem Statement

Etikette Candles, known for its exquisite handcrafted candles and diffusers, faced challenges in engaging and retaining its online customer base. Their existing email marketing flows were dated and didn't align with their current brand, their strategy lacked personalisation, links were broken and they struggled to effectively leverage customer data for targeted communications.


Flow audit

Campaign strategy and execution

Content development

Template build and implementation

Automation development and management

11 - Abandoned Cart Email 1_ Gentle Reminder copy

Visual and Brand Alignment

We undertook a complete revamp of Etikette's email communications to align them with the brand’s current aesthetic and ethos. This entailed updating the visual design, refining the language, and ensuring each element resonated with the brand's sophisticated, handcrafted image.

Services Provided

Customer Segmentation

Utilising Klaviyo's advanced segmentation tools, we grouped Etikette's customers based on their purchasing behavior, preferences, and engagement levels.

Email Flow Creation

Developed a series of tailored email flows including welcome series, abandoned cart/checkout reminders, post-purchase follow-ups, and replenishment prompts.

Engaging Email Content Creation

We included elements of storytelling, behind-the-scenes insights, and messages from the founder, thus crafting a more engaging and relatable brand narrative.

Content Personalisation

Leveraged Klaviyo's personalisation features to create content that speaks directly to the customer, enhancing relevance and engagement.

A/B Testing and Analytics

Tested various elements of the emails and monitored performance analytics to optimise the strategy for higher open rates and conversions.

Training and Support

Provided ongoing support and training to Etikette’s team on managing and optimising Klaviyo email campaigns.

Visual and Brand Alignment

Ensured that every email visually aligned with Etikette’s brand aesthetics, strengthening brand identity.

Soliciting Feedback and Reviews

Acknowledging the value of social proof, emails were specifically crafted to solicit customer feedback and reviews, thus fostering a community feel and trust in the brand.

Multi-Stage Email Personalisation:

Abandoned Cart and Checkout Flows:

Recognising the significance of personalisation, we developed a tailored strategy to connect with customers based on their individual preferences and interactions. This was achieved by segmenting the audience according to their purchase history and levels of engagement. We introduced assistance emails in both the abandoned cart and checkout flows. Each email was tailored to address the specific stage of the buyer's journey, ensuring relevance and a higher likelihood of re-engagement.



08 - Browse Abandonment Email 2_ Assistance
06 - Site Abandonment (v2 if you do go with a quiz)

Engaging customers with a scent quiz

We replaced the list of scents with a suggestion to take a scent quiz. This interactive approach was more engaging for customers, helping them discover products that align with their preferences.

Welcome Series Enhancements:

Incorporating Social Proof:

We enriched the welcome series by including customer testimonials and media feature logos. This addition served to build trust and credibility for new subscribers.

Best Seller Promotion with a Twist:

A header GIF showcasing best sellers was added, creating a dynamic visual appeal and highlighting popular products effectively.

Founder's Personal Touch:

An email from the founder was integrated to thank new subscribers, adding a personal and heartfelt connection to the brand.

Optimised Offer Reminder:

The final reminder email in the welcome series was refined to ensure clarity and a singular, compelling call-to-action leading to the shop.

04 - Welcome Email 4_ Note from the founder
03 WS - Welcome Email 3_ Social Proof - Meet Our Best sellers - Testimonials copy
05 - Welcome Email 5_ Last call for welcome discount
16 - Post-Purchase Journey-1

Cultivating Customer Reviews:

Recognising the absence of social proof on the website, we conceptualised and designed an email specifically to solicit reviews from customers. This not only added valuable user-generated content to the website but also reinforced the community feel of the brand.
These strategic enhancements, implemented throughout the email marketing journey, were pivotal in creating a more personalised, engaging, and trust-building experience for Etikette's customers. This approach not only improved immediate engagement metrics but also laid the foundation for a stronger, long-term customer relationship.

Increased Open Rates:


Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR)


Boost in Conversion Rates

I was so excited to see your list of e-commerce optimisation insights alongside the refined flows. What a welcome surprise! We really appreciate the time and consideration from your team to help uplift Etikette's entire online ecosystem.

Katharine Ahern ~ Brand & Marketing Manager

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