HubSpot ServiceM8 Integration Documentation

On this page, you will find answers to all your questions about our HubSpot & ServiceM8 integration.

How it works


The installation is done in a few steps:

  1. Login to your ServiceM8 account
  2. Install the app using this link
  3. Follow the prompts and connect your HubSpot account to your ServiceM8 account
  4. Select a plan (monthly or yearly) - You get 14 days free either way!
  5. Enter your card details - you will only be billed after 14 days
  6. When you see the confirmation message, you can use the integration.



The HubSpot-ServiceM8 integration is currently a one-way integration from ServiceM8 into HubSpot.

To enable a two-way synchronisation, please get in touch with us.



This integration sends the following from ServiceM8 to HubSpot:

  • Contacts
    Contacts created in ServiceM8 are automatically created in HubSpot. If you update a contact in ServiceM8, it will be updated in HubSpot.
  • Jobs
    Similarly to Contacts, Jobs are sent from ServiceM8 to HubSpot.


Timeline Activity and Workflows

Job updates are sent from ServiceM8 to HubSpot every 10 minutes.

These job updates appear in a contact's timeline with details about the job such as:

  • Title
  • Date
  • Description
  • Status
  • Address


These job updates can be used as workflow triggers! As an example, you can trigger automated emails to your customer when a job has been created or completed. You can also let your own team know about any job updates.


When you install the app, an account will be created for you at

To login the first time, please click on Forgot Password. You will then receive an email to set your password and access the dashboard.

From there, you can manage your subscription (cancelling, changing plans) discover our other apps, or raise support requests.

Uninstalling and Cancelling

To uninstall the app, please head to 'Connected Apps' in your HubSpot account's settings. 

Select Tradiate and click on Uninstall.

Then, please head to the TH Digital Dashboard to cancel your subscription.

When you cancel your subscription, the synchronisation between ServiceM8 and HubSpot will stop instantly.

Future Development Roadmap

HubSpot to ServiceM8 sync

HubSpot to ServiceM8 sync

This option is available for customers using a custom version of the app. However, we're working to make it available to anyone. Coming early 2024.

Jobs & Invoicing

Jobs & Invoicing

To see more information about jobs, invoices and payments directly in HubSpot. Coming 2024.

What else?

What else?

Send us your ideas and needs and we'll get back to you with an ETA.

Need Support?

Please use our chatbot to help you!