Complete freedom to dream up your ideal website.

We believe in sharing our expertise.

Complete freedom to dream up your ideal website.

We believe in sharing our expertise.

Complete freedom to dream up your ideal website.

We believe in sharing our expertise.

Unleash the full potential of HubSpot with our tailor-made apps & integrations

Discover a world of possibilities with our bespoke HubSpot apps and integration services designed to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.

At T&H Digital, we specialise in creating seamless, innovative solutions that integrate flawlessly with your HubSpot ecosystem, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

AroFlo Int@3x


Leverage HubSpot's strengths in sales, marketing, reporting, and revenue management with AroFlo's data, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and turn clients into dedicated, long-term customers.



Streamline your business and connect ServiceM8 and HubSpot like never before. A robust, user-friendly solution for seamless data synchronisation from ServiceM8 to HubSpot. Purpose-built to eliminate data inconsistencies, reduce manual effort, and dramatically save time.

Saular icon@3x


Saular connects the logistics power of OpenSolar with the customer relationship excellence of HubSpot. Together, they bring you even better business results.

notes app@3x


Notes fills a gap left wide open by HubSpot: creating notes easily and automatically in a workflow. Simply install the Notes app and add notes to your workflows.



Enhance your HubSpot workflows with our versatile app: perform simple to advanced math calculations, and accurately determine days between dates, streamlining data analysis and decision-making.


Solar Quotes

Your Solar Quotes leads in HubSpot automatically! Work on your Solar Quotes leads in HubSpot. Remove manual data entry. Close deals faster.

You're the head honcho at FastGrowth Corp. You started with a handful of buddies in a garage, and before you knew it, BAM! You're navigating a sprawling digital empire with a zillion employees (okay, 500, but who's counting?).

Every department, they've gone rogue with their tech. The sales team? Obsessed with HubSpot. Customer support? Zendesk junkies. Your product team? Living the Jira dream. And finance? They're off in a corner with some super-special invoicing gizmo.

Each department is, let's face it, living in its own tech bubble. Every time sales seal the deal in HubSpot, they're throwing paper airplanes over to finance with scribbled notes about invoices. (Okay, it's just emails, but you liked the paper airplane visual.)

Enter the mighty custom API for HubSpot: now, sales alerts magically become invoices, support peeks into a customer's sales history like they've got x-ray glasses. And product feedback? It's served on a digital silver platter. FastGrowth Corp. just went from a chaotic tech carnival to a synchronized digital dance-off. Go team! 🕺💃🚀

Sound familiar? 

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Bespoke Integrations for a Unified Digital Ecosystem

Wave goodbye to data silos and disconnected systems. With T&H Digital's custom integration services, we bridge the gaps in your digital landscape, ensuring HubSpot becomes the heart of a synchronized and efficient operation.


Personalised Consultation:

Understanding your business is step one. We dive deep to identify integration opportunities.


Tailored Solutions:

From concept to completion, our integrations are designed with your unique needs in mind.


Seamless Execution:

Our team ensures smooth implementation, so your business can hit the ground running.

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Award Winning HubSpot Customisation

Developing custom integrations for a large Solar Company in Australia.

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Customising HubSpot Sales & Marketing

And end-to-end solution to implement HubSpot

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