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Tradiate brings ServiceM8 and HubSpot Together in Real-Time


Why Use HubM8

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses need all their tools working together in harmony. However, several common challenges emerge when ServiceM8 and HubSpot operate in isolation:


Inconsistent Data:

Without integration, data across ServiceM8 and HubSpot can become inconsistent. Essential details like jobs, contacts, and client data may not match across the platforms, leading to confusion and potential mistakes.


Time-consuming Data Transfer:

Manually transferring data from ServiceM8 to HubSpot is not only tedious but also takes up valuable time that could be better spent on more strategic tasks. Moreover, it puts your data at risk of human error during the transfer process.

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Double Entry:

The absence of a bridge between ServiceM8 and HubSpot often means double data entry. The same job details, contact information, and other crucial data must be entered twice, creating redundant work and leaving more room for errors.


Fragmented Customer Experience:

The lack of integration can result in a fragmented customer experience. When your customer data isn't synced across platforms, you risk delivering inconsistent communication and service, impacting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We understand these challenges. That's why we created HubM8 - the solution to bridge the gap between ServiceM8 and HubSpot, offering seamless data synchronization for improved efficiency, accuracy, and business growth.

Our solution

HubM8 offers a robust, user-friendly solution for seamless data synchronization from ServiceM8 to HubSpot. It is purpose-built to eliminate data inconsistencies, reduce manual effort, and dramatically save time spent on data transfer.

With HubM8, say goodbye to double entry and hello to an efficient, streamlined workflow. Our tool ensures your job details, contacts, client data, and more are always in sync across both platforms, leading to improved accuracy and productivity.

Beyond simplifying your daily operations, Tradiate empowers faster decision-making with real-time data syncing. No more waiting for updates or missing out on time-sensitive opportunities. With Tradiate, your business can respond quickly and effectively, boosting your competitive edge.

Additionally, Tradiate is geared to enhance your customer experience. Our synchronization tool ensures your teams have consistent and up-to-date customer data at their fingertips, enabling more personalized and efficient communication and service.


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How It Works

Using Tradiate to streamline your ServiceM8 and HubSpot integration is a simple and straightforward process. Here's how it works in three easy steps:


Connect Your Accounts

Firstly, you'll need to link your ServiceM8 and HubSpot accounts with Tradiate. Our secure and encrypted connection ensures your data is always safe during this process. You can do it yourself or ask us to help you.


Set Your Preferences

Once your accounts are connected, you can customize your data sync preferences in Tradiate. Choose which types of data you want to sync (jobs, contacts, clients, etc.), set the frequency of synchronization, and map fields between ServiceM8 and HubSpot for seamless data alignment.


Automate and Sync

With everything set, HubM8 will automatically sync the data between ServiceM8 and HubSpot based on your settings. You can monitor the sync status anytime within the Tradiate dashboard.

And voila! Your ServiceM8 and HubSpot integration is now streamlined, automatic, and efficient, thanks to Tradiate. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to enhanced business operations.


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  • Sync ServiceM8 and HubSpot
  • 24hr support
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$278 AUD
  • 14-day free trial
  • Save 20%
  • Sync ServiceM8 to HubSpot
  • 24hr support
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From $200 AUD
  • Customise HubM8 to fit your specific business needs

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Customise Tradiate to fit your specific business needs