Create Notes in a HubSpot Workflow

Notes fills a gap left wide open by HubSpot: creating notes easily and automatically in a workflow. Simply install the Notes app and add notes to your workflows.

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Easy Setup

How It Works



Install the Notes app by clicking here



Setup a workflow in HubSpot, select the 'Create Note' action, and customise the note.



See the magic happen as notes are automatically created from your workflow.

How It Works

Easily create notes automatically in a HubSpot workflow.

Create a note in HubSpot

Create a Workflow

Notes works with Contact, Company and Deal based workflows.
On the right hand side of your workflow, scroll down and select 'Custom Notes'

Note creation in HubSpot workflow

Set up your Note

Customise your note with:

  • A note owner
  • The date (dynamic or static)
  • Note content (you can also add customisation tokens!
  • Click Save
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Run your workflow

Once your workflow has run, check the enrolled object and find the note that was automatically created!

See it in action

Bringing Everything Together

Normally, you’d have to juggle between these two apps to get the most from them. This leads to issues like inaccurate customer information, missed details — and eventually upset customers, lost opportunities, and worse business. Saular solves this problem by connecting OpenSolar and HubSpot with ease and simplicity.

The result means that any customer accounts you create in OpenSolar are created in HubSpot as well. That way, you can immediately begin utilising the powerful customer relation tools in HubSpot to improve your customers' experience with your company.

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  • Automate notes creation
  • Pay yearly and save
  • Dedicated support
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5-day Free Trial

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