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Veemance is Australia’s newest and fastest-growing online Christian dating platform.

Problem Statement

We started working Veemance in August 2020 following the launch of the Veemance service. Veemance was left unsatisfied by their Google Ads agency and needed a mix of transparency, responsiveness and openness from an agency to manage their Google Ads.
On top of that, Veemance was unhappy with the cost per lead that was generated from their Google Ads.


We built a tailored Google Ads service offering to suit Veemance, including

  • A weekly Zoom catchup to discuss performance
  • A full review of their Google Ads setup
  • A comprehensive strategy plan
  • AB Testing
  • Implementation of new campaigns & keywords
  • Monitoring and identifying new opportunities
  • Google Ads Services Provided

    We provide end-to-end solutions for our Google Ads clients so they can focus on their business while we improve their Google Ads account.

    Google Ads Account Audit

    We audited the existing Google ads account to understand its structure, strategy and find ways to improve performance. 

    Keyword Research

    Selecting the right keywords and key phrases as well as categorising them in the right Campaigns and Ad Groups can be tedious. We take care of this part of the work to come up with the best possible strategy.

    Ad Copywriting

    Writing attention-grabbing, clear and relevant copy is key for Google Ads advertisers to stand out from the competition and improve their Google Ads performance. 

    We write all copy, AB test it and continuously improve it.

    Budget Management

    We defined the right budget for Google Ads and implemented advanced bidding strategies to maximise it. 


    Our live dashboard enables our clients to follow the performance of your Google Ads quickly and easily. We discuss performance weekly and define steps to further improve it.



    by restructuring the account


    Conversion rate

    by refining Keywords


    Cost per conversion

    by managing budget


    Click-Through Rate

    By improving ad copy

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