Good Side | e-commerce

Shopify & Klaviyo Development

Good Side is a new business based in New York City.

Problem Statement

Good Side reached out to us as they were developing a brand new brand of homeware essentials. They were seduced by our ability to create beautiful yet simple designs to launch their brand to Australia and the USA.


We worked hand-in-hand with Good Side in order to take them through all the steps a start-up needs to take in order to launch successfully.

Strategy and timeline definition

Go-to-market strategy

Regular project check-ins

Extensive video calls to align

Shopify develepment

Design consulting and execution

Full Klaviyo setup

Payment Services Integrations

Testing & Launch

Services Provided

Strategy & Timeline

We defined Good Side's project timeline over a 6-month period from ideation all the way to the brand launch. 

Go-to-market Strategy

We helped Good Side define a proper go-to-market strategy in various areas: from advertising to website features, emailing, and social media tracking. 

Over the months we built a proper marketing plan for a successful launch.

Regular Project Check-Ins

As Good Side is based out of New York City, we met multiple times a week through Zoom to ensure everyone was up-to-date on the latest developments and actions.

Shopify Development

We designed and developed a Shopify website from scratch for Good Side. The result is a beautiful e-commerce website that converts well.

Design Consulting & Execution

As part of the Klaviyo build, we designed pages including product pages, collection pages, and home page to bring the Good Side brand alive. Keeping in mind User Experience, SEO and device limitations (phones, tablets, desktops).

Full Klaviyo Set-up

To support Good Side's launch, we implemented automated flows, email templates and sign-up forms in Klaviyo. We ensured the data between Shopify and Klaviyo was flowing correctly to allow Good Side to build high-conversion email marketing campaigns.

Payment Services Integrations

To improve conversion rates and offer customers the best possible experience, we integrated various Payment services solutions, including Afterpay and Klarna.

Testing & Launch

We tested everything on the Shopify website we created, including user experience, payment, and tracking. 

We then launched the website followed by an array of Social Media, PR and emailing campaigns.

Good Side 1

A clean

With a simple navigation and a clear call-to-action
for great readability and user-experience.

Shopify Developer

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Integrating up-sell and cross-sell options on the homepage
from various product categories

Shopify Design and build

Custom, animated
collection pages

While keeping the design clean,
we have added interactive elements to the collection pages
to bring the website to life and show the products in a different angle.

Custom Shopify product page

A completely custom
product page

An accordion menuto organise the content efficiently.
A scrollable gallery of images on the left for more interactivity.

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