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Custom Squarespace Website Design and Build

Passionate about sustainability and empowering women, Alexa launches the DesignBlender atelier in spring 2020. Born from the desire to introduce new design paradigms into luxury fashion that combine her experience and nurture sustainability, DesignBlender playfully intermixes new and old materials into an opulent escapist aesthetic.

Problem Statement

The primary challenge in developing DesignBlender’s online presence was to create a digital platform that not only functions as an ecommerce store but also encapsulates the essence of the brand - a harmonious blend of sustainability, luxury, and artistic innovation.


We worked hand-in-hand with Alexa Papavasileiou in order to design a beautiful website and launch successfully.

Website Design and Development

Ecommerce Integration

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Payment Services Integrations

Testing & Launch

Training & Support

Services Provided

Regular Project Check-Ins

As the founder Alexa Papavasileiou is based out of London, we met multiple times a week through Zoom to ensure everyone was up-to-date on the latest developments and actions.

Squarespace Bespoke Website Design and Build:
The website was custom-designed to mirror DesignBlender's 'glamcycled' aesthetic. This involved using a sophisticated color palette, elegant typography, and visually engaging layouts that reflect the brand’s fusion of luxury and sustainability. High-quality imagery showcasing the unique textures and details of the clothing was used to engage users visually.
Design Consulting & Execution

As part of the Squarespace build, we designed and built pages including product pages, collection pages, and home page to bring the Design Blender brand alive. Keeping in mind User Experience, SEO and device limitations (phones, tablets, desktops).

Payment Services Integrations

To improve conversion rates and offer customers the best possible experience, we integrated various Payment services solutions.

Client Training and Documentation

Empowering the client with comprehensive training to proficiently manage the Squarespace store, complemented by a suite of tailored resources, including instructional videos and detailed documentation.

Design blender4

A clean

With a simple navigation and a clear call-to-action
for great readability and user-experience.


A completely custom
product page

Custom accordion menu was built to elevate the product items and improve the usability of the eCommerce site.

Design blender6

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Integrating up-sell and cross-sell options on the homepage
from various product categories

Design blender2

Sustainability and
Brand Messaging

The narrative of sustainability and empowerment is woven throughout the website. This was achieved through thoughtful content placement, storytelling elements, and dedicated sections that articulate the brand’s commitment to eco-conscious practices and women’s empowerment. The messaging was designed to be informative yet inspiring, resonating with the brand’s target audience.

Design blender5

An Editorial Lookbook

Providing a vivid, storytelling aspect to the website, showcasing the brand's unique fashion lines in a visually compelling manner.

Design blender1

Custom, animated
collection pages

A beautiful and engaging experience was created, combining elements of editorial and graphic design to elevate the brand and showcase the individuality and expert craftsmanship of the Design Blender demi-couture pieces.

“I worked with Thrive to build and creatively push my Squarespace website and to put it simply, they exceeded my expectations! Hannah and Teddy take time to research and understand your vision in order to tailor their approach. I felt supported and their in-depth knowledge made me trust them. Hannah has incredible attention to detail, takes great initiative with ideas and is flexible in suggesting solutions. Her video tutorials and demos had me at 'hello'. Thrive was very responsive and professional throughout our entire communication. A rare digital gem duo, that I absolutely recommend to anyone looking for guidance on their website.”

– Alexa Papavasileiou

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