Sales Enablement

HubSpot Onboarding

GT WINE, a publishing company, needed an efficient CRM to manage sales across 6 sales staff all over Australia.

Problem Statement

During its digital expansion, and while adding new product lines to its sales offering, GT WINE needed to start using a proper CRM to enable their team sell more quickly, efficiently and manage their customer relationship.


We managed GT WINE's full HubSpot Onboarding and trained their sales team.

  • Sales process analysis
  • Digital marketing
  • Custom development
  • Feedback & continuous improvement
  • Services Provided

    Sales process analysis

    We worked closely with the sales team, scattered across 5 different stats in Australia, to understand their day-to-day and find ways to help them using the HubSpot software.

    Digital marketing

    We defined new digital marketing assets for GT WINE to help them ease into a more digital business smoothly.

    Regular Project Check-Ins

    As the sales team grew and the benefits of HubSpot were clearly visible, we developed new tools within HubSpot to enable the sales team to do even more without adding to their workloads. Items such as automated task creation, advanced sales sequences, and reporting were added.

    Feedback and Continuous Improvement

    With a rapidly evolving business, GT WINE constantly added new products & new staff which required more and more customisation and development to be done within HubSpot. We created a framework to allow us to gather feedback from the business to plan and execute changes to HubSpot and the sales process to meet their needs.

    HubSpot Training
    We delivered online and in-person training sessions for the sales team to use HubSpot efficiently and fully grasp how the platform was going to help them.

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